About Me (Madison L)

Name: (obviously) It’s Madison L 🙂

Nicknames: Moon pie, Mads, Mado, and  Maddie.

Age:  I am 12 years old.

School: I am a middle schooler.

Favorite Animals: My favorite animals are an elephant, and a giraffe. Oohh and dogs. I love love love dogs.

My Hobbies: My hobbies are gymnastics, dancing, singing, football, lacrosse, and animals.

My favorite movie, TV show, and book: My favorite movie is either Martian or Mean girls 2. My favorite TV shows are Friends, and The Big Bang Theory. Lastly my favorite books are the Mr. Lemoncello series.

Favorite sports: My favorite sports are gymnastics, football, and lacrosse. I have gymnastics practice every Mon., Wed., Fri., and Sat. My brothers play both football and lacrosse.

My family: I have a mom and a dad, 3 brothers, and 2 dogs.

Favorite color: My favorite color is like a mint green color. (I also like peach.)

Favorite foods and drinks: My favorite foods are watermelon and chow mien. My favorite drinks are Dr. Pepper and a virgin Shirley temple.

Favorite shops: My favorite shops are H&M, Forever 21, Rue 21, and Old Navy.

Favorite day of the week: My favorite day is either Tuesday or Saturday.

Clothes I like to wear: I love to wear sweatshirts/sweatpants and leggings or jeans and also sometimes sweaters and cardigans.

Favorite football team( NFL & College): My favorite college football team is THE OHIO STATE, and my favorite NFL team is the COWBOYS. I love Ohio state because I was born in Ohio and my dad almost went there for college and my grandpa went there for college.(my family has always been Ohio state fans.) We like the Cowboys because our favorite Ohio state player went to the Cowboys and my dad has always been a Cowboys fan.

Favorite subject: My favorite subject is Social Studies or ELA.

My puppies: I have 2 puppies. A black labradoodle and a golden yellowish golden doodle. There names are Ranger and Bear. Ranger is the oldest, and Bear is the younger one.

What I like to do after school :Usually my favorite things to do after school are listen to music and hang out with my puppies, my friends, or my brothers. I also like to play on my phone.

My favorite restaurant: My favorite restaurant is Olive Garden. There breadsticks are amazing.

Favorite song: My favorite song is New Rules by Duo Lipa.

My best friends: I have a lot of friends and best friends so I don’t really want to name them all. 🙂

My favorite dog breed: It’s either a Labradoodle, German Shepard, or a Golden doodle.

Gymnastics: I am a level 6 gymnast and I go to the best gym ever. My coaches are the best and I have made a lot of friends over the time I have been a gymnast. I have been a gymnast for almost 7 years now. (which to me seems like a long long time)

My favorite character from FRIENDS: My character from FRIENDS is either Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) or Joey Tribbiany (Matt LeBlanc)

My favorite song writer: My favorite song writer is Michael Jackson. I have been listening to his music ever since I was about 5-6.

Favorite artist: My favorite artist is Claude Monet

Interesting facts…

  1. When I was 3 a dog bit me in the cheek and I was in the hospital for 2 days.
  2. I broke my arm in 3rd grade and had to get 2 surgeries.
  3. My favorite gymnast is Simone Biles.
  4. My favorite event in gymnastics is floor or vault.
  5. I love listening to music. (it cheers me up.)
  6. Me and my friends love snapchat and instagram.
  7. My parents are my role models
  8. And lastly my biggest pet peeve I have is when people chew with there mouths open.



*Thats me*





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