Spooky nights

 Cite your sources: In class we talked about citing your sources. This means that if you want to take a picture or a sentence/ideas off the internet or from someone, you have to ask for permission or cite where you got that picture or ideas from.  We also talked about ways you can cite your sources, like: finding who painted that picture and include them in whatever your doing, if it’s someone you know personally then you need to ask permission if you can you what they have in something you are doing, or to put a link underneath of your picture or ideas, so people can look at where you got it from.

*Spooky Nights*

While they are lying there peacefully,

People walking past, get scared and run away quickly,

Although some monsters may stay asleep,

 Others just can’t wait to get up and creep.

When the witches glide above,

The monsters know now to come out and crawl,

Even the tricker treaters are getting frightened,

 But the Ghosts and Ghouls are having the time of their lives,

even though they lost theirs a while ago.

Old Church and Cemetary, Taos PuebloPat Gaines via Compfight


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