The Lion King Hero

There are many heroes in this world and in many different movies such as the Lion King. All of these heroes have characteristics such as bravery, confidence and determination. My hero is my dad, he is my inspiration, I like to look at him as my role model just because of his life and what […]

Miss. Lokey

If I were principal for a week… (On the intercom) “Welcome students to you first day of school here at Rydell Middle School, we are so exited to see you back here.” “Have the best first day of school, This is you principal Miss.Lokey signing out.” 1st Day:If I were principal for a week the […]


K.M. Klemencic via Compfight Activity 3 (Summery of what happened at the competition.) Journal paragraph 1 Hi, my name is Carly Smith and I had a gymnastics competition today in Louisville. Even though I had done this a million times I was still really nervous, I couldn’t even feel my feet. I had to go […]

Spooky nights

 Cite your sources: In class we talked about citing your sources. This means that if you want to take a picture or a sentence/ideas off the internet or from someone, you have to ask for permission or cite where you got that picture or ideas from.  We also talked about ways you can cite your sources, […]

Madison’s Avatar

My avatar describes me because I have medium length dark brown hair (It’s naturally curly too). I have brown eyes and brown eyebrows, there kind of big too. My skin tone is considered right in the middle. So like medium/tan. I love the color maroon in clothes and I love wearing sweaters. There just so […]